Revolutionising finance management: How HGX Media propelled Kutumba to the top!

Kutumba is a renowned financial management platform that empowers families with tools to track, manage, and securely share their financial information. It offers resources for discovering, documenting, and storing assets, liabilities, and investments. Additionally, Kutumba helps identify risks and provides expert guidance, enabling collaborative financial planning and secure storage of important documents.

HGX Media x Kutumba

HGX Media played a vital role in Kutumba’s success as a leading financial management platform. We provided comprehensive marketing services, creating 55+ effective creatives and achieving 50,000+ app installs.

Our expertise in digital marketing and close collaboration with Kutumba’s team led to increased brand awareness and user engagement. We are honoured to have been a valuable partner, delivering significant results and looking forward to supporting Kutumba’s future growth.

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