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Layout Stories

Inspirational Space Transformations

At Layout Stories, transforming spaces is driven by belief to create an unmatched experience identified by cohesion and practicality.

We create spaces that speak for themselves, beyond a mere superficial appearance to rise far beyond your expectations of traditional interior design.

Guided by inspirational thinking, our designs energize your environment delivering unmatched experiences for clients with subtlety and creativity they can seldom imagine … rather only experience.

Every work undertaken by Layout stories is unique in terms of Ideology and Perspective, delivering the best in class Experience for your Design Requirement.``

About us

At Layout stories, we envision our client philosophy and design preferences thoroughly guided by our experienced insight and experience in the field of design and space transformation.

Why Clients Prefer Us

Clients rely on our Quality and highly responsive Service delivery

Clients value our Honesty, Professionalism and Efficiency.

We adhere to the goals of our Clients precisely and deliver well within their Time Frames and Budget

Layout Stories

At Layout stories, Design Delivery is driven by Core Values for Unique Customer Experiences

Layout Stories goes that extra mile to deliver

the most Inventive solutions that create a never before experience. Our track record of Infallible support and responsive for our client base is brought about by an Interdependent work pattern with top priority to Client goals and preferences. We create some of the most memorable projects by delivering Innovation Intensive outcomes.

Layout stories Broad Domain Expertise in Interior and Architecture Design

Layout stories caters to a broad range of sectors including Residential, Commercial, Hospitality and Retail

Creating functional homes that closely meet the expectations of our clients is top priority at Layout stories

We create the best and most perfect workplace makeovers for effective and efficient environments.

The hospitality industry is one of the most flourishing and competitive industrial sectors today.

Shopping spaces for customers have a direct impact on shopping behavior and spells the difference between smooth sailing

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People Behind the success of LAYOUT STORIES

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Committed to delivering high quality projects and innovate design solutions

About us

Layout stories create spaces that manifest themselves in different ways based on the demands of the setting and the preferences of our clients. However, transformational, inspirational and professional ideas flow throughout our design work.

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Address: Layout Stories Club House, DLF Capital Greens, Moti Nagar New Delhi-110016 Phone: +91- 92894 00006 Email:

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