From Anonymity to Authority: How HGX Media Transformed Raadha Shalini’s Social Media Presence in Just 13 Months!

Raadha Shalini  Raadha Shalini is an experienced expressive art therapist and mindfulness expert. She helps individuals and organisations in difficult situations. With over 20 years of experience as a Creative Director for Satya Paul, a fashion brand, Raadha understands the pressures of leadership. Overcoming her own health challenges, she learned the importance of self-compassion, mindfulness, […]

Breaking the luxury barriers: HGX Media’s masterstroke collaboration with L’affaire takes social media by storm!

HGX Media x L’affaire HGX Media collaborated with prestigious brand L’affaire for over 14 months, enhancing their social media presence through design, content strategy, branding, ads campaign, and more. Our comprehensive social media strategy, informed by deep brand understanding, resulted in engaging content that resonated with L’affaire’s audience. Our successful ads campaign reached new audiences […]